10 Ways Kids Can Learn About Robotics in 2024

10 Ways Kids Can Learn About Robotics in 2024

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Innovation is Basic for Advancement, Yet Schools Battle to get Students inspired by this area.


Could teaching Robotics change this?

In today’s’ innovation driven world, it’s critical now like never before to prepare students for what’s to come. Teaching robotics to young students all through their academics can build their capacity to be imaginative and creative masterminds and more beneficial individuals from society.

Numerous governments have effectively perceived the significance of robotics in the classroom and have started to make projects and laws that would consolidate it into their state funded teaching system. By instructing our young students the nuts and bolts of robotics, we can open a radical new world to them and energizing opportunities that they wouldn’t approach generally.

By doing lot of trials or experiments with Robotic Kits Or Toys kids will develop problem solving skills and creativity faster.


“In [robotics] programs, kids start to understand how these simple machines work. They can even make their own light switch,” – Turliuk


“Light switches, electronics [and] toys seem very closed off…The average person doesn’t realize they can make or impact them,” – Jennifer Turliuk of MakerKids



1.) Teaching Sequence in Kindergarten with Robots


Programming a robot requires recognizing what you need the robot to do.

One of the initial steps to making a program is to build up a nitty gritty sequence of each move the robot will make. After the first kid customized the robot, they all got a turn.



2.) Some Best Books Recommendations


I have listed a great list of books for beginners (The best):


20 Robot Books for Kids to Enjoy

AI For Kids: Books Suggestions To Get Teen Readers Interested in Future Tech

Make ElectronicsBuy Here

Make More Electronics: Buy Here



3.) Some Recommended High Tech Robot Toys, Robot Kits For Kids to Teach Kids Coding and STEM Skills


Below are the Links I would Highly recommend to Teach Kids Coding and STEM Skills:


10 Best Robot Kits For Kids 

The 10 Best Toy Robots That Teach Kids Coding And STEM Skills

Top 10 Coolest High Tech Toys for Kids

9 Cutest AI Toys for Kids – New AI-Powered Toys in 2018


In the event that you’ve never programmed, you’re stuck in an unfortunate situation, since you’ll need to learn with a specific end goal to do robotics, well, generally.

All things considered, LEGO Mind-storms offers a phenomenal resource for the absolutely uneducated. I have never heard anything terrible about this item, and HIGHLY suggest it.



4.) Software Apps


There are many apps for Dash and Dot all designed for specific learning and play style, and age groups.

These apps are available for iOS, Andriod and Kindle, but not all applications are necessarily optimized for your gadgets.



5.) Talk to Schools Around You


Few schools in developed countries had already received a permission from the Sphero Robotics company that you can explore these Robots in your school.

Other schools have tied up with use of robotics and acquired Ozobots. You can talk to your school management and make this happen at your schools.



6.) Programming Means Magic And Fun


Programming can be too abstract. By having to control a physical robot and seeing what goes wrong, students learn what robots can and can’t do. They also learn the need for precise instructions.

By programming robots, students can discover if they have skills and passion in a job market of the future.

Getting your kid an Arduino and a raspberry pi.

Here is a link for arduino robotic kits made for children

Arduino and robotics are a great way to learn programming, because it has instant physical feedback.

Also, Raspberry Pi is great for learning programming with kids.

Scratch Programming  is one of great way for kids to learn the flow and style of programming.




7.) National – International Level COMPETITIONS IN AGE GROUPS


There are a few competitions for a scope of age groups that can direct focused impulses decidedly.

For instance, requesting that kids build a robot from a Lego set and after that running a race to see which robot goes quickest functions admirably.

An incredible association is First Lego League, FIRST LEGO League. It arranges group competitions. It utilizes Lego Mindstorms for more youthful children.



8.) Summer Coding Camps Or Workshops


Despite the fact that perhaps a bit on the expensive side for guardians, you can simply get included with children and code by interfacing with them amid a mid year coding camp.

A few decent choices for this are things like Youth Tech and TechSmart Kids.



9.) Volunteering Clubs


In case you’re uncertain about where you can hope to assist, you can simply search for opportunities in places like  Volunteer Match or Idealist.

Society of Robots (online community with forum)

First Robotics



10.) Online Community Groups


If your kids are ready to tackle some robotics projects on their own, you can look for online communities free and paid ones.


DIY.org : An online community for kids to connect with each other and to learn lots of new skills. DIY.org organizes projects under skill patches (eg: astronaut, printmaker and toy maker).


Makezine.com offers few hundreds of maker projects with photos and instructions. You can sort the projects by type (i.e. robotics or wearables) and difficulty level.





Robotics, and innovation when all is said in done, isn’t only a ‘pleasant to have‘ additional educational module subject. It’s key to where humanity is going.

They are a major piece without bounds now and we have numerous issues to tackle. Robots are changing the Job market.

Teachers or Educators should have the capacity to train Robotics in coming days. Robotics develops important physical skills also.