AI For Kids : Books Suggestions To Get Young Readers Interested in Future Tech (2024 Updated)

AI For Kids : Books Suggestions To Get Young Readers Interested in Future Tech (2024 Updated)

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Kids adore robots and love to play with them. Also, they cherish reading Books as well. Below is the list of Top 10 best Selected AI Kids books incorporates fun reading, fiction, activity books and helpful tutorials, guides and handbooks, all to help rouse the kids throughout their lives to get ready and hope for the future AI technology.


Top 5 criteria I used to select these Books:


  • Energizes and develops Kids Qualities and ethics
  • Stimulates the mind and creative ability
  • Proper to the kid’s age, development and scholarly levels
  • Gives helpful information in the present Trends
  • Can be Read and over once more


Let’s Get Started without due.


Top 10 Best AI Books for Kids Suggestions


Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) for Kids: The Abiotic Brain


Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) for Kids The Abiotic Brain

Available : Buy Now


The vision of artificial intelligence replacing human professional judgment has arisen many times in the history of the field, and today in some specialized areas where “expert systems” are used to augment or to replace professional judgment in some areas of engineering and of medicine.


The rise of powerful AI will be either the best or the worst thing, ever to happen to humanity. We do not yet know which.“ – Stephen Hawking






When Computers Become Human

When Computers Become Human - A Kid's Guide to the Future of Artificial Intelligence

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Kelly – is 11 years old and she had always been fascinated by technology.

She had written this little book with her father because she wanted to understand the history of computers and the future of artificial intelligence. Her hunch is that in a few decades human beings will become cyborgs.

In the world of tomorrow, we may spend most of our time in virtual reality.

In the following pages, you will find out why this will most likely happen. Full color. Vividly illustrated.




The Different AI Robots and Their Uses – Science Book for Kids

The Different AI Robots and Their Uses - Science Book for Kids Children's Science Education Books

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Artificial intelligence is spreading all over the world. It’s changing societies and influencing technologies, too. But did you know that there are different types of AI robots used in numerous industries?

You will meet them in this book for fifth graders. There is a lot of interesting information that can be learned by reading. Pick up the habit today!



Mad Attack of the A.I.

William, a Normal Kid Without Normal Adventures Part 4 Mad Attack of the A.I.

Available : Buy Now

William goes through several events so random, they’re impossible to explain!

However, excitement is perked for William and his pals. Several mysterious experiences bring the series to its end!



The AI Kid: From Wimpy Kid to World’s First Trillionaire Superhero


The AI Kid - From Wimpy Kid to World's First Trillionaire Superhero


Available : Buy Now


Lily scuttled home from school, which means she ran quickly to avoid the teasers and bullies. They called her Silly Lily. She was ten and loved to play video games, build things, and figure out how things worked.

Using the computer she could learn from the many excellent online educational videos. She noticed that the best training videos online were actually more current than her schoolhouse computer classes.

Lily was on an airplane, flying to Silicon Valley, where she met with Mrs. Swanson and her venture capitalist brother. Both gushed over Lily’s AI-powered firewall program.




Mind Children: The Future of Robot and Human Intelligence


Mind Children - The Future of Robot and Human Intelligence

Available : Buy Now

One would be making a mistake to let Mind Children recede unopened into a guiltless oblivion. It’s a tonic book, thought-provoking on every page.

And it reminds us that, in our accelerating, headlong era, the future presses so close upon us that those who ignore it inhabit not the present but the past.

Arguing that within the next fifty years machines will equal humans not only in reasoning power but also in their ability to perceive, interact with, and change their environment, the author describes the tremendous technological advances possible in the field of robotics.



Artificial Intelligence: 101 Things You Must Know Today About Our Future


Artificial Intelligence 101 Things You Must Know Today About Our Future


Available : Buy Now 


Did you know that artificial intelligence is changing our world faster than we can imagine?

It will impact every area of our lives. And this is happening whether we like it or not.

You might have heard that many jobs will be replaced by automation and robots, but did you also know that at the same time a huge number of new jobs will be created by AI?

This book covers many fascinating and timely topics related to artificial intelligence, including self-driving cars, robots, chatbots, and how AI will impact the job market, business processes, and entire industries, just to name a few.




Tell ME a Story

Tell ME a Story

Available Buy Now

Schank takes a look at the human side of intelligence: thinking, memory, imagination, imagery, and mythology.

A bold attempt at showing how the mind assimilates knowledge and how that knowledge is retrieved–a process similar in both humans and machines.


Refurbished (AI Reborn Trilogy Book )


Refurbished (AI Reborn Trilogy Book 1)

Available : Buy Now

Eric lives a normal life. He has a job. A girlfriend. He owns an apartment. He mattersAnd then he dies.

He wakes up a couple of centuries later inside an advanced infantry robot whose AI core harbors his consciousness. In industry parlance, he is what’s known as a Mind Refurb.

Eric is soon thrust into an experimental army unit known as the Bolt Eaters, composed of fellow Mind Refurbs.

Thrown into the latest cesspools of war and conflict across the world, the Bolt Eaters make short work of any opponents. It’s almost a cakewalk for the high-tech robots.



Artificial intelligence Series: Beginners plus

Artificial Intelligence Beginner Plus

Available : Buy Now

How can engineers teach a robot to think? Will machines ever be smarter than humans?

With simple text, diagrams, comic strip stories and stunning photographs, this introduction to AI uncovers how intelligent machines can explore space, play games, create works of art, help surgeons and the armed forces, and lots more. Perfect for reluctant readers.



The Complete Guide to Artificial Intelligence for Kids


Artificial Intelligence For Kids


Available : Buy Now 


The Complete Guide to Artificial Intelligence for Kids is a 50 page fully illustrated guide that introduces children to today’s most trans-formative technology and all the key concepts underlying it.

“…a good balance of simplicity and accuracy and a good explanation for kids with a balanced view that includes some of the pitfalls of AI. It covers rule-based, reinforcement learning and supervised learning.  It allows children to think about the hard problems such as military robots and jobs lost to automation. It delivers a powerful message that anyone can learn coding and robotics.”



Coding for Kids in Scratch 3: The Complete Guide to Creating Art, Artificial Intelligence, and Computer Games for Beginners


Coding for Kids in Scratch 3 The Complete Guide to Creating Art, Artificial Intelligence, and Computer Games for Beginners

Available : Buy Now

This beautifully illustrated, hilariously written, and delightfully engaging step-by-step guide is designed for kids (ages 8+) to learn the fundamentals of coding and apply them to amazingly innovative projects.

Readers will learn to use the incredible new features of Scratch 3 to build projects that not only teach them to code, but also inspire them to pursue today’s most exciting frontiers of technology:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Video Game Bots
  • Machine Learning
  • Augmented Reality
  • Multiplayer Computer Games