{AI Series} How To Teach Machine Learning To Your Kids In 2024

{AI Series} How To Teach Machine Learning To Your Kids In 2024

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Machine Learning for Kids???   Are You crazy?

Don’t you think it is too much technology for school kids? I don’t think so. By exposing themselves to a field like Machine Learning at this very young age gives them an understanding of how computers see and interpret data.

They will start learning that computers and smart phones aren’t just a device to play games but they have a certain way of doing things and they can be taught to do certain things.

Not only will they develop a firm grasp of machine learning and artificial intelligence, but kids will be very excited to explore these concepts with you.  

“AI involves machines performing tasks that are characteristic of human intelligence.

Machine learning is simply a way of achieving AI.”


What is machine learning?

Tom M Mitchell well know ML expert states that

 Machine learning is the study of computer algorithms that allow computer programs to automatically improve through experience.”


In Simple Terms

A computer program can learn and adapt to new data without human interference.




Learning How to Perform a task from a collection of examples 



Machine learning explained

Best Explanatory of Machine learning using Watermelon





List of our real-world examples of machine learning. Examples include many day to day activities:

  • Voice devices like Amazon Alexa (Echo), Siri, Cortana and Google Assistant

  • Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Products Recommendations

  • Spam email detection (how does your computer know it’s junk email?)

  • Machine translation — Check out the amazing new Skype Translator

  • Synthetic video

  • Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat news feeds

  • Weather forecasting

  • Optical character recognition, and more specifically Zipcode recognition, one of the canonical examples (MNIST)

  • Antivirus software

  • Self-driving technology

  • Google Search

  • fraud detection systems, chatbots and more


Why We Should Teach ML To Kids In Elementary School


  • Machine Learning Helps in Creative Thinking skills
  • It helps in Design Thinking – teaches kids new strategies to solve problems slowly
  • It helps in Emotional Intelligence
  • Exposes them to Programming Skills at Early Age
  • Future Jobs will be with AI and Automation. Check Here
  • Kids will get used to Failures Mistakes
  • Kids would analyze the results better
  • Kids will always be doubting to discover the perfect solution on their way
  • It Energizes to Stay Learning Continuously
  • It Helps Kids to be a Team Player
  • It Teaches Patience Under stressed 
  • It teaches the Instant delight buster




Teach Machine Learning to Kids – Using Lane Tool

About the Tool

Free online tool to implement do the machine learning exercise. It’s a tool for children, which introduces machine learning by providing them with hands-on experiences for training simple machine learning systems and building things with them.

It was created in 2017 for charitable purposes by Dale Lane — a software developer for IBM in the UK.

Using this tool is very easy if you know the above concepts.

Here’s a Video of Machine Learning for Kids and examples of the projects:


For High-Tech parents, it’s time to get your kids on it. Software developer and dad Dale Lane has created Machine Learning for Kids, a collection of free project templates that teach students how to build with this latest technology.

Each project is done in Scratch, a widely used educational coding platform, and includes a downloadable, step-by-step guide. Kids can pick from easier projects to more advanced ones like Headlines (train a computer to recognize headlines from national newspapers).

Throughout the lessons, there are explanations for what just happened in each step, and what comes next. The process is accessible and intuitive, and parents who follow along will no doubt learn something, too.


Main objective is not to come up with the perfect, most amazingly trained AI system—rather to give kids a quick taster of what is involved in doing it, making sure to stop before it turns into a chore!


Also, there are plenty of tools and resources to help kids to learn Machine Learning and AI.


Some Resources for Exploring at Home?

TOP 10 Best AI and Machine Learning Resources For Kids In 2020

12 Educational AI ML Resources For Children In 2020



Few Fun applications:

For those music interested ones, you can watch out Humtap on iOS. Hum into your smart phone and tap the phone, and the AI will create a song depending on your input.

5 Best Apps to understand AI and Machine Learning For Kids in 2020



FINALLY You can go through the course which I have created below:


>>>> Machine Learning FOR KIDS Course MUST ( For $12 Or Rs 999) <<<<





The best way to teach kids about machine learning (and all that it’s capable of) is through hands-on experiences, and by making it fun.