First Coding Book For Kids: Coding Games and Worksheets to Teach Little Kids How to Code

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Book Description:

Get the perfect book to introduce young kids to the world of coding. An exciting fun-filled book to give them the perfect start. Ideal for ages 4-7. With this fun illustrated coding workbook, kids will get a head start at coding & become future experts in the STEM fields. Easy-to-understand tutorials in “First Coding Book For Kids by Kidlo” help create a strong foundation of offline coding. That’s right – no computer required! The activities in this coding book for beginners are perfect for children of ages 4-7. With this book, curious little minds can learn the basics of coding from scratch & get acquainted with sequencing easily.

They can take the first steps towards development of creative thinking, problem-solving & analytical skills with this visual guide! Colorful illustrations make the coding games very exciting to solve. If you are unable to solve a level, no worries! The solutions given at the back will help you out. After solving this book, your kids will be ready to take on languages like Scratch and Swift. The “First Coding Book For Kids by Kidlo” can be useful to understand essential coding concepts and give a playful introduction to programming. So boys and girls, go ahead & begin your coding journey! It won’t be long before your baby says I love coding. Kidlo Coding is brought to you by Kidlo Coding Games for Kids, an award-winning app for teaching young learners the basics of coding.