MY FIRST A.I. BOOK – Artificial Intelligence and Learning


Artificial Intelligence and Learning is a teaser in a series of books and pioneering book for kids on Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) which focuses on its chief concept: LEARNING. The My First A.I. Books Series introduces kids of all ages to the foundational concepts for Artificial Intelligence and the 4th Industrial/Human Revolution, AKA I4.0 or 4IR or IOT.

This book and series are suitable for all kids starting their Artificial Intelligence journey. As a matter of fact, the future of humankind depends centrally on how A.I. will be produced and used. As such, little readers are encouraged to think and talk in an informed manner about A.I. topics. The story of this first book, sets the plot by delving into the evolution of human tools (up to the fourth human revolution), types of learning, the ingredients for adaptive computer programs (i.e. programs that are able to learn), and even provides a working definition of A.I. All the books of the series are packed with concepts and encourage inquiry.

They aim to widen the kids’ perspectives on, and also nurture their participation with, these new concepts and tools. All that in this amazing unfolding revolution – the Revolution of the Intelligence. The authors took care to include not only technical concepts, but humanistic and character-building values too. Thus, readers would acquire a good foundation for their future, which may even not be a technical one (but certainly will include A.I.). Ideally, this book should be read by the kids with an adult. It is handsomely complemented by five more books, which portrait five missions, detailing other chief functional A.I. concepts. In each mission the explorers are challenged to delve (and learn) five different ways of using A.I. on real-world problems.