Neural Networks for Kids (Tinker Toddlers)

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Simple concepts about up-and-coming STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) to kick-start your future genius!

Did you know machines can learn, just like you?

Neural Networks for Kids is a vibrant book exploring the very basics of neural networks, a web of smart cells that help you and machines learn.

This book will help familiarize your little one with how neurons look and function, both in us and in computing systems. The colorful, beautiful, and visually stimulating illustrations and two levels of learning encourage the child’s sense of wonder, adventure, and curiosity (and might stimulate your senses too)!

Two levels of learning for your growing child:

  • Level 1: Baby basics in black text
  • Level 2: Toddlers + beyond in purple text

Great for homeschooling, preschools, or primary education:

  • Glossary: Key vocabulary words are bolded in the text and defined in the back.
  • Inviting Font: Large, clear, and color-coordinated font for easy digestion of material.

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