Remote Interactive Control Robots Toy,GMSUNNY Educational Stem Toys Robotics for Kids Sing,Dancing,Built-in Piggy Bank,Touch Control, Recorder,Rechargeable RC Robot Kit Gift for Boys and Girls


  • Professional R&D Team】 Our team members share the same value of producing the best quality education robots for kids,We working regularly with education expert,experienced product designers with USA industry background.Together we aiming at pushing the educational RC toys robotics for kids and service to next level.
  • 【Interactive Recording】 Welcome to the robots world.This toy robot is intelligent and educational.The kids can learn much knowledge from the educational RC toys robotics in the future.It’s good at imitating human speech, as long as you press the recording button on the remote control and then speak. After that, the talks -awesome robot will imitate what you just said.
  • 【Dancing and Singing】 This electronic dancing robot toys for kids was a dance master.The programmable intelligent sing dance smart robotics has already remembered every dance movement in its mind. Do you dare to challenge the dance master robot ? The loser needs to be punished,and the punishment is to sing a song!
  • 【Coin Storage Bank】 When you touch the touch sensor smart robotics’s head,It will tell you a secret.Actually, the interactive remote control robot was a close financial advisor. Not only do the touch sensor smart robotics has a lot of knowledge in its head, but the robots for kids can also help you to save enough money .Let you learn the financial tips while you are entertaining.
  • 【Sound and Send Gifts】 The interactive voice changer robot travel toys has different voices.You can clap your hands to change its voice.Every sound is special.The sending gifts robot can also be a waiter. When you install tray,the send -awesome programmable RC robot toy can help you to deliver things and send gifts.