ROBOTIS INC Robot Builder for Kids Play 700 6-in-1 Build Your Own with Remote Control, STEM Education KIDSLAB, Programmable Toys for Ages 8 and Up

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  • The ROBOTIS PLAY 700 OLLOBOT is a reconfigurable and programmable robotics kit that introduces children to STEAM Concepts. The robot is motorized, reconfigurable, smart, and programmable.
  • Building upon the PLAY 600 PETs, the PLAY 700 emphasizes creative design using ROBOTIS’ patented rivet system and adds two elements: programming and smart device connectivity.
  • Use your imagination to create your own robots and use R+ Scratch and R+ Task2.0 to go along with your robot creation.
  • The controller included with the PLAY 700, the CM-50 is a motorized gearbox that brings your child’s creation to live. It also includes built-in sensors so that children can learn programming via SCRATCH or ROBOTIS R+TASK.
  • The ROBOTIS PLAY 700 OLLOBOT is fit for children from 2nd – 4th grade (ages 8+) | The kit includes 6 lessons totaling 6+ hours of instruction.