STEM Toys Supports Graphical Programming and Micropython, Aims to Bring Artificial Intelligence to STEM Education, Teach AI & Robotics to Kids


  • 【simplify machine learning】 MARK is short for Make A Robot Kit, Designed around a Kendryte K210-based machine vision module and an Arduino-compatible base board, MARK looks to simplify machine learning. With this robot kit, users can have the hands on experience of constructing and assembling a robot, before implementing artificial intelligence technologies such as image recognition, object detection, computer vision and automated self-driving controls.
  • 【Bring Artificial Intelligence to STEM Education】 As a stem toy, this robot kit’s mainboard (CyberEye) supports both Codecraft graphical programming and Micropython text programming. Once users have completed the assembly of a MARK, with guidance from our project-based tutorials, they can gradually write custom programs for their own smart applications, developing their skills and understanding of programming and artificial intelligence.
  • 【2.4 inch Color Screen and Pan-tilt Camera】 MARK science kit has great extension capabilities, it includes a 2.4” color display screen and a pan-tilt camera, So allows you to implement a variety of fun and educational projects related to robotics, self-driving technology and computer vision. And The Robot kit comes with a plug-and-play Grove sensor. With the abundant GPIO ports on Markduino, users can customize MARK with more Grove modules.