Artificial Intelligence & Me (Special Edition): The 5 Big Ideas That Every Kid Should Know

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5 Books in 1!

“The book uses simple pictures, diagrams, and comprehensible terms to walk readers through the basics of machine learning. In doing so, it even provides some insight into how we as humans learn! In today’s world, this is a topic that everyone should have a rudimentary knowledge of.” – @BookDiggerz

Artificial intelligence & Me

Robby and his friends are taking you on a journey like no other. A journey to explore the world of Artificial Intelligence & the 5 Big Ideas! Join them to learn about intelligent machines & unleash your inner genius.

‘Artificial Intelligence & Me’ introduces & explains the 5 Big Ideas (Perception, Representation and Reasoning, Learning, Natural Interaction, and Societal Impact) in Artificial Intelligence. “Five Big Ideas in AI” are K-12 AI guidelines designed by, a joint initiative of AAAI (the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence) and CSTA (the Computer Science Teachers Association). AI4K12 has received NSF support.

Can you learn AI without a computer? Absolutely! With families spending more and more time on screens, this book offers a great opportunity to connect with your child on an exciting topic offline. Plus, learning unplugged helps your child develop computational thinking skills that future jobs require.